Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video Podcast - Timeline: Video (American) Football

Highly popular, highly non-collectible, every console has had at least one football game.  In this episode we survey video game football, pre-Madden. (Oops -- in trying to decide whether to include the arcade or the NES version of Tecmo Bowl, I inadvertently left it out altogether!)


  1. Nice job. The Vectrex game was the one I never played...even though I had a Vectrex (still do, but the controller port does not work...else I'd be playing right now).

    It's interesting to see that both the Astrocade and the Odyssey had Football games that trounced the original VCS one. However, wasn't there a 5200 Football game as well?

  2. Yep, Realsports Football for the Atari 5200. Did I not include that one?