Monday, May 3, 2010

The LoadDown - 05/03/2010

Once again we survey the week in downloadable gaming, an increasingly vibrant and important part of the console scene:

WiiWare -- Two new titles this week: Zombie Panic in Wonderland is a shooter pitting one or two players against "amorous zombies" invading a theme park.  Kung Fu Funk: Everybody is Kung-Fu Fighting! is a party game patterned after 1970's kung fu movies.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing new on the VC this week.

DSiWare -- Five new titles keep the steady flow of DSi games coming:  BLOONS is a balloon-popping puzzle game ported from mobile phones.  Sokomania brings classic Sokoban box-pushing puzzle gameplay to DSi.  I can't glean any clues from the press release about how exactly Bounce & Break plays, but it's the second game this week with Zen elements (Kung Fu Funk's first stage being the other.)  1001 Crystal Mazes Collection is likely to provide enough maze/puzzle gameplay to exhaust anyone's patience.  Crazy Golf is a loopy miniature golf game.

XBox Live Arcade -- Tecmo Bowl Throwback arrived last week, remaking the classic arcade/NES action football game using modern 3-D graphics.

Game Room --  The third downloadable game pack had been announced for April 29th, but didn't show up on schedule and is "currently delayed."  This means that after its big launch, the Game Room has now gone for more than a month without any new games becoming available.  This sounds eerily familiar -- if Skee-Ball ticket redemption machines show up instead, we can write this one off.

PS3 on PSN -- The over-the-top superhero satire Kick-Ass (hyphen significant) gets a videogame tie-in on the PS3.

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