Monday, May 17, 2010

The LoadDown - 05/17/2010

Sorry for the late update -- Nintendo's press release site was malfunctioning for a good part of the day.
WiiWare -- Two games today.  BIT.TRIP RUNNER continues Aksys popular hip retro videogame series with a slightly more modern platforming game and a musical cameo from Anamanaguchi.  Blood Beach is a T-rated island defense game set during WWII.

Wii Virtual Console -- The drought ends with a decent one -- Kirby Super Star for the SNES, starring the lovable, hungry pink hero in an episodic series of platforming adventures and minigames.

DSiWare -- 4 titles this week.  Looksley's Line Up is a hidden-picture adventure with classical folk and fairy-tale themes.  Frogger Returns brings Konami's (generally poorly-received) Frogger remake to DSi.  Tecmo Koei's puzzle game A Topsy Turvy Life: Turvy Drops makes innovative use of the handheld, asking gamers to turn it upside down and draw blocks on the touch screen.  And EA's Flips: More Bloody Horowitz features Alex Rider creator Anthony Horowitz's horror stories for kids, in interactive eBook form.

XBox Live Arcade -- Two retro games last week.  Konami's Rocket Knight revives the 16-bit possum hero of Sparkster and Rocket Knight Adventures for platforming and flying action.  Things on Wheels is a slick-looking radio-controlled toy racing game, with a visual style reminiscent of the early Pixar short films.

Game Room -- A quiet week; the weekly releases promised early on seem to be monthly in point of fact.

PS3 on PSN -- Rocket Knight also arrived on the Playstation Store.

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