Monday, May 10, 2010

The LoadDown - 05/10/2010 - DSi Photo Dojo FREE!

What's new for consoles on the wire in the past week...

WiiWare -- Two games this week.  Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS is the third in the popular Capcom series ported from the DS.  Chess Challenge! from Digital Leisure features online play and rankings, and is fairly full-featured for 500 points.

Wii Virtual Console -- Another fallow week here, unfortunately.

DSiWare -- Four titles this week, including a potentially big tgame that Nintendo is offering for FREE through June 10th: Photo Dojo, which lets you photograph friends and record their voices to insert them into this fighting game.  It's a neat idea that makes good use of the DSi's camera, and should be a lot of fun for anyone with Mortal Kombat performance aspirations.  Other titles this week are Chess Challenge! (see above), an enhanced port of 16-bit classic Earthworm Jim, and interactive e-book Flips: The Enchanted Wood.

XBox Live Arcade -- Last week saw two new XBLA games:  Zeno Clash, an alien-themed Punch-Out type game, and Raystorm-HD, a remake of the classic Taito shooter.

Game Room -- At last Game Pack 003 arrives, though there's not much here that most retro fans won't already have played.  The freshest entry is Konami's 1987 arcade pool game Rack 'Em Up.  Otherwise, it's familiar stuff - Activision's Atari 2600 titles Megamania and Pitfall!, Intellivision games Night Stalker and Basketball, Atari's 2600 Realsports Volleyball and the original coin-op Super Breakout, which 8-Bit Rocket unfortunately reports doesn't work well at all with the 360 controller.

PS3 on PSN -- One new game last week,  Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, a third-person multiplayer action shooter.

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