Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is Anyone Working On This?

Sometimes subtle changes happen between a game's early advertising and its official marketing message after it's released.  But in this case, one is led to wonder just how far along CSG ImageSoft's isometric RPG Solstice actually was when the first ads were put together.  There are screenshots, but an unfortunate typo on the left gives the impression that the team responsible for putting together the prototype was nowhere to be found:

Fortunately, middle management was not busy searching hither and yon for the missing Staff Of Demos; the game concerns a quest for the Staff of Demnos, as became clear in later ads.

It might have been more interesting if they had restored the letter N to a different position -- a Staff of Demons would have been something to behold at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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  1. Was Demnos actually a character in the lore of the game? Maybe it -was- supposed to be Staff of Demons but after they got it wrong the second time they decided to give up trying to fix it! :)