Monday, May 24, 2010

The LoadDown - 05/24/2010

Once again we sum up recent downloads...

WiiWare -- 3 games this week.  ArtStyle: light trax continues the popular series, featuring racing light beams.  Manic Monkey Mayhem is a comical battle game with local and online multiplayer... and Wii Balance Board support???  Viral Survival is an action game casting the player as a "DNA agent" growing its presumably chromosomal tail by rescuing friendly DNA fragments and avoiding or destroying enemy virii. 

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing new this week, as often happens when more than one WiiWare game is on the schedule.

DSiWare -- 4 new titles.  Metal Torrent is a substantial vertically-scrolling shooter, with eight levels and online leaderboards.  World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em is yet another portable poker game.  Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper is a hidden-object game with a rather darker theme than the norm.  And Advanced Circuits features 60 Pipe Dream-style connecting puzzles, made more difficult by the fact that each puzzle has only one correct solution.

XBox Live Arcade -- Two games last week.  Metal Slug XX continues the classic SNK 2-D side-scrolling action series with a brand-new entry.  AQUA is a seafaring battle game of tactics and action, with local and online multiplayer.

Game Room -- ... (crickets)...

PS3 on PSN -- Rocket Knight actually arrived on the 18th, not on the 11th as I had reported last week.

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