Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elsewhere: Of Interest

An interesting study was recently published in the journal Psychological Science concerning violence and videogames -- it's subscription-only, so I only know about it because NeoAcademic has summarized it in an interesting post.  The researchers weren't concerned with any supposed effects of violent videogames on the people playing them, but it did take a look at the expectations of those people.  Apparently, people inclined toward anger may seek out a violent game as a form of release -- but it generally doesn't serve as the catharsis they're seeking.

On another note, I recommend Andrew Sorohan's webcomic A Townsville Fairytale -- it's funny and matter-of-fact, with a dry sense of humor and some really nicely done autobiographical strips and blog posts.  He has a piece up this week inspired by the old Sierra adventure games, and I really liked this one too.

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