Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Giveaway! Plants vs. Zombies

UPDATE:  And we have a winner!  Mobygames approver Rowan Lipkovits was the first to respond.  Enjoy the game, Rowan!

This is something I haven't tried before -- I'm not by any means promising this will be a regular feature, but I'm curious to see how this goes. 

I'm giving away an electronic downloadable copy of PopCap's 2009 tower-defense game, Plants vs. Zombies, via the Steam distribution system for PC and Mac computers.  (This giveaway is not endorsed by PopCap or anything; I'm just taking advantage of an opportunity to give a little something back to my faithful and much-appreciated readership.)

Since this is an item of nominal value (but good entertainment just the same), this isn't as much a contest as a simple race.  I will happily give this game to to the first reader who sends me his or her email address and/or Steam ID.  You can find my email address on this blog's About Me page; please title your email SATURDAY GIVEAWAY 02/10/2012.

Please let me know how you'd prefer to be identified when I announce the winner here, and if you already own the game or live in a part of the world where Steam is unavailable, please let someone else have a chance at it.

Thanks!  Gentle gamers, start your engines!

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