Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A mini-documentary you should check out...

UK gamer CooChewGames has posted the first part of a documentary series called Adventuring through the ages - Part I at YouTube.

Inspired by a noticeable gap in last year's Get Lamp documentary, it explores the other genres that grew out of the traditional text adventure.  It's nearly 20 minutes long, and well worth checking out.  My only exposure to most of the animated Sinclair Spectrum games featured has been through screenshots in Retro Gamer magazine, so just seeing some of these titles in motion for the first time is a treat.  And US gamers like me should enjoy seeing the UK perspective -- we shared a lot of developments as the technology moved forward, but as only the Sinclair ZX81 made it here and not the more powerful Speccy, there's a whole class of games we never saw in the US.  I've enjoyed discovering the system's library in recent years, the Artic Adventures in particular.

Check it out!

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