Thursday, February 16, 2012

The LoadDown -- 02/16/2012

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and President's Day hasn't historically been a big holiday for theming.  It's a quiet week online, too, but there are still some new games turning up on the wire...

WiiWare -- No new games this week, but you can augment your Netflix channel with the new Hulu Plus service for more streaming video entertainment.

Wii Virtual Console -- Wait, what?  After months of nothing new here, SEGA steps up to the plate with the Mega Drive version of a classic action-packed arcade game -- Strider!

DSiWare -- One new game this week -- iSpot Japan, a spot-the-differences casual game with some pleasant scenery and authentic Japanese voiceovers.

3DS eShop -- It appears that Virtual Console library overlap is a non-issue in Nintendo's eyes, as the original Super Mario Bros. now turns up in emulated form on the 3DS VC.  No 3-D effects or other updates here, just old-fashioned NES goodness.  There's also a free downloadable demo of the upcoming METAL GEAR SOLID: Snake Eater 3D.

XBox Live Arcade -- Just one new title this week, kicking off the XBLA House Party festival of substantial downloadable games with Warp, an escape-the-Earth-laboratory action/puzzle game starring a cute little alien whose cloning/time-warping/body-exploding antics ought to put the fading spectre of Atari's E.T. to rest at last.

PS3 on PSN -- One new game here: Team 17's Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, bringing more humorous worm-based weapon-heavy violent cartoon fun to the PS3, with support for local and online multiplayer.

PSOne Classics -- Nothing new here.  But I expect that will change shortly.

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