Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mattel Electronics' Athletic Supporters

It's 1978, and when generic athletes of diverse backgrounds come over to show off the latest handheld electronic games, it simply won't do to serve warm beer and circus peanuts, or bogart the fondue pot, or fail to supply the batteries which are not otherwise included.

Mattel Electronics is throwing quite the party here, featuring stereotypes tailored to everyone's sporting tastes:

The party must be going well, because everyone's in a festive mood.

The football player is proud to have carried Mattel's Football II handheld through the opposing line of scrimmage -- clean, safe and in good working order, unlike last year's Football I fiasco.

The basketball player ensures we can recognize him by carrying a basketball everywhere he goes, and being noticeably taller than everyone else, even the other black dude.

The baseball player is cheerfully repressed, smiling politely but not meeting our gaze as he puts his official stats on display and keeps his deepest, darkest secrets locked out of sight where they belong.

The hockey player is keeping his mouth full of missing and broken teeth closed to preserve polite decorum.

The race car driver is in full regalia with gloves, helmet and padded fireproof suit, ready to "crash" the party (har har -- but not really, that would be impolite!) 

And the vaguely Franco-British-Icelandic footie player looks like he just got done making love to the missus.

Your missus.

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