Monday, August 23, 2010

The LoadDown - 08/23/2010

What's new, Internet?  Whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whohhhh-oh...

WiiWare -- A much-anticipated quality title this week -- the physics-based indie rotating platformer, And Yet It Moves.


Wii Virtual Console -- At least the reconstituted Sunsoft is bringing new titles to the VC, and this week's a good one -- the import NES title UFOURIA: THE SAGA, never released in the US.

DSiWare -- Four titles up this week.  Rytmik is a musician's composition tool with an emphasis on sampled percussion, and it's interesting to note that it's published by CINEMAX.  G.G. Series NINJA KARAKURI DEN is an action game based around the traditional disappearing-platform challenge.  Absolute Reversi is -- you guessed it -- a Reversi game. And My Farm simulates livestock farming, with pleasant cartoon graphics.

XBox Live Arcade -- The Summer of Arcade wraps up with a new take on a long-running franchise -- Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, with puzzles, co-op play, and a new Robotron-style twin-stick shooting gameplay style.  Critical reaction has been very positive.

Game Room -- No coin-op arcade games last week.  Microsoft's going to need to line up some additional publishers and/or consoles soon, as at the rate this is going the available Atari 2600 and Intellivision libraries will soon be exhausted.  Last week saw the release of Intellivision games Snafu and the rare Chip Shot Golf, and Atari 2600 games Maze Craze (by Atari) and Activision classics Freeway and Seaquest.

PS3 on PSN -- One new game last week, the latest iteration of the weirdly long-running Top Gun videogame series based on the 1986 Tom Cruise movie.

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