Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video Podcast - Rick Dyer's Halcyon Days

After co-creating Dragon's Lair with Don Bluth, Rick Dyer went on to launch the Halcyon laserdisc system.  It retailed for more than $2000, and... didn't work so well.


  1. reminds of the days after the genesis and super nintendo...when sega saturn, jaguar, and what was it called..3DO? were all competing for the same markets and ended up going the way of the dodo soon after. kinda makes me sad!

  2. There's always a poignancy in any failed project -- innovation isn't always what the market wants. The Halcyon came out at exactly the wrong time, between the first wave of home consoles and the NES -- and the price point might have been a lot more attractive if some more time had passed. But at least the games Dyer created for Halcyon remain available on DVD.