Saturday, June 26, 2010

Adventure News: Scott Adams resuming work on "The Inheritance"

I know a lot of text adventure fans stop by here, at least on Tuesdays, so I wanted to share some exciting news Scott Adams posted as a comment here earlier today:
I think I am going to take this post as my world-wide announcement that I have started work once again on my next adventure "The inheritance". I stopped work on it about 3 years ago and I hope this time to complete it! Happy Adventuring all!

I've been playing a lot of early text adventures lately, and while some of them have been pretty good, Adams' games have endured for good reason.  A new adventure from the master will be welcome, whenever it's ready.


  1. Potential beta testers please email me directly. I am currently using local testers atm but will expand sometime to email testers too.

    Happy Adenvturing!

  2. Great news! I'll bounce'em on Plus/4World site too, the ancient C16/Plus4 (retro?)scene loved you since your cartridge based stuff!
    By the way: recently we discovered some hidden (never announced, even on the disk cover itself!) Plus/4 versions of "The Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle" and "Buckaroo Banzai".
    The question is: did "Spiderman" got the same destiny? Are we sure there's no Plus/4 version of "Spiderman" on the b-side of Green Valley or Adventure International disk?