Monday, June 14, 2010

Video Games Are Un-Islamic

A BBC news story today describes a spate of religious thuggery in parts of Somalia where Islamist militants hold sway.  Roving enforcers spent the weekend threatening and arresting people caught watching the World Cup.  Two people were even killed in an attack on a house where the game was being watched, in violation of local rebel authorities' strict interpretation of Sharia law.
The full story is here.

I bring this up because the article mentions in passing that video games are similarly banned, along with music and other distractions that might tempt young men into having premarital fun.  (This particular belief system's holy decrees are notoriously light on concern for young women, one will note.)  And there's no coming-of-age threshold on this matter -- such things are never to be tolerated.

Video games.  Separation of church and state.

I think the world can always do with a little more of both.

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