Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get Disorganized with the World of Nintendo!

When the NES was at its peak around 1990, Nintendo convinced numerous retailers to open "World of Nintendo" specialty areas within their stores, pushing all things Nintendo EXCEPT actual videogame hardware and software.  Nintendo produced a 20-page brochure to promote these gewgaws, and its pages are rife with 80's-cum-90's style -- weird neon/pastel color combinations, feathered hair, and young models doing their best to look enthralled by the complete Nintendo lifestyle.

Two pages of the brochure are devoted to a "Get Organized!" theme.  Unfortunately, either the photographer and model were having a laugh and never intended this photo featuring A.L.S. Industries' Wood Cartridge Holder to be used in the finished brochure, or nobody at the shoot had a clue what they were doing:

The teenager in the Nintendo hat and Zelda shirt appears to have removed all of his cartridges from the A.L.S. Wood Cartridge Holder, and is unsuccessfully trying to stuff his Bandai Hyperstick, Acclaim Remote Controller and Nintendo Zapper into the box instead.

For its part, the cartridge holder, indignant at this misuse, is actively rejecting the inappropriate items, registered trademarks flying as the Zapper dangles, upside down and forlorn.

And A.L.S. management, no doubt, is rejecting any idea of challenging its benefactors at Nintendo over this no doubt honest mistake, and is frantically downsizing its sales projections for the Wood Cartridge Holder.

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