Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Kid Loves Him Some Sunsoft!

It's common practice for print advertising to make use of stock images, or to produce and reuse common elements in multiple layouts within a given campaign.

But Sunsoft clearly spent good money to shoot photos of this kid holding an NES controller and looking at the (likely blank) screen with vaguely insane, generalized excitement.  You'd think they could have at least shot a couple of slightly different poses.  Or decided not to run these ads one right after the other, on pages 83 and 85 of the June 1990 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment.

Or used a nice clean image of Batman.  Or lined it up with the angle of the television screen a little more precisely, so it would look like it was actually being played on the monitor.

Or maybe included a gameplay-related image from Fester's Quest, instead of a pixelated rendition of Lurch.  Maybe the ad execs got their pop culture confused and thought all the 90's boys were into Ted Cassidy, when in fact it was all the 70's girls who were into Shaun Cassidy.

None of this matters to the kid in the photo.  He seems to be loving it, whatever it is they've put in front of him.

Though if you look closely, it's apparent that he's going slowly, slowly insane.

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