Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Future Is Now. The Game Is... um...

Hudson's elaborate ad spread for its 1990 NES title, XEXYZ, has just about everything.  Two pages of air-brushed outer space artwork, tantalizing screenshots photographed from an actual TV display, a catchy tagline, detailed plot summary, Nintendo Seal of Quality, contact information...

There's only one critical detail missing.  How the heck do you pronounce XEXYZ?

Could it be Zekzeez?  Zekziz?  Sexies?  Zeeziz?

Any word that potentially rhymes with sexy and/or Jesus has its pronunciatory work cut out for it.

Oh, wait!  Problem solved.  The ad copy clearly reads:

Look for it today at your favorite video store.
If we had to ask for it, then we'd be in trouble.

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