Saturday, January 23, 2010

Experience the Realm of Kid Kool

Yeah.  You know him.  That rockin' rebel from the eighties.

Kid Kool.

He looks like Tom Cruise.  And Patrick Swayze.  Sort of.

He's got kool shades.  A ducktail haircut.  Torn jeans and a black leather vest.

He's adventuring in a realm that might have been, in a time that could have been long ago, or just tomorrow.  Which sounds really kool, even if it doesn't mean anything.
He's got a fistful of wonder herbs.

And a giant wizard in the background, looking him over with mild astonishment and vague discomfiture.
And the monstrous love child of an owl and... uh, an acorn, I guess... looking over his shoulder.

And some kind of mutated... er... dragon/lizard thing... humping his leg?

Kid Kool.

Either he's the epitome of kool, or somebody at Vic Tokai needs to lay off the wonder herbs.


  1. This kid is rad... like a fox.... a Psycho Fox!

  2. Reminds me of Kid Chameleon for the genesis

  3. What magazine did you get this out of?

    1. It's been a while since I scanned it, but I'm pretty sure it came from Video Games & Computer Entertainment magazine.

    2. If you still have this, or a high resolution scan. I'd love it! :) Need the artwork for a project!

    3. I have the original scan I made, about 2K x 3K pixels. If that's sufficient for your project, contact me at the email address under "About Me" and I'll send it to you!