Monday, January 4, 2010

The LoadDown - 01/04/10

It's a new year, with new games on the download circuit.  I finally got around to playing through Shadow Complex and catching up on Tales of Monkey Island, and started Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth on WiiWare and Twisted Pixel's The Maw on XBLA.  Good games all.  Here's what's up to bat this week:

WiiWare -- 3 games this week.  Digital Leisure's Fast Draw Showdown brings another old American Laser Games full-motion video western title circa 1994 (a la Mad Dog McCree) to the Wii.  It's an unusual type of game to see in downloadable form.  We also have Pub Darts, using the Wii remote's motion controls to simulate a darts contest, and Heron: Steam Machine, a manufacturing action/puzzle game requiring players to manage a steam engine's pressure levels and keep it from exploding.

Virtual Console -- One game - Final Fight 3 for the SNES, finishing out Capcom's 16-bit scrolling beat-'em-up series in fine style.

DSiWare -- 3 games this week.  Trajectile is a puzzle/target-shooting game; Animal Puzzle Game challenging players to lead animals safely to the barn; and Hell's Kitchen Vs. challenges two players to compete head-to-head in a cooking time management contest, with ratings provided by the inimitable Gordon Ramsay.

XBLA -- There were no new XBLA releases last week, leaving room in the schedule for the modern classic Gears of War to make its debut on Microsoft's Games on Demand service.

PSN -- Nothing new for the PS3 last week.

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