Thursday, August 9, 2012

The LoadDown -- 08/09/2012

The summer doldrums are dragging on, but there's a little bit of life on the wire this week...

WiiWare -- No new games this week, but there's a downloadable Hulu Plus player available for the Wii now, with a free month of the service to promote it.

Wii Virtual Console --   Another of the classic Neo*Geo console/coin-op platform's many one-on-one fighters, REAL BOUT FATAL FURY SPECIAL, joins the downloadable lineup.

DSiWare --  One new game, Commando: Steel Disaster, a military-themed scrolling shooter that is unfortunately NOT related to Capcom's classic series.  At least the press release makes me all nostalgic for the days of poor English localization: "Excellent visuals and game graphics for an effective appearance!"

3DS eShop --  One new game, Touch Battle Tank 3D, a fast-paced but simple tank combat game with vaguely TRON-esque visuals.

XBox Live Arcade --  A new title this week is Hybrid, a faction-driven third-person shooter, as the developers behind Scribblenauts and Drawn to Life try their hand at a more conventional genre.

PS3 on PSN -- Sony's downloadable lineup tends to be more adventurous than most; this week's new game is Sound Shapes, a rhythm/music based platformer (?) with musical contributors including Jim Guthrie, Beck, and Deadmau5.  It may be more at home on the PS Vita, but it's on the PS3 as well.

Notable on PC -- For nostalgia's sake, I have to mention the new Cannon Fodder 3, a brand-new sequel to the classic Sensible Software titles.  And I'm curious about Deponia, a point-and-click adventure from the German team behind The Whispered World.


  1. Have you played Grimrock on the PC ?

    If not its worth a look, the latest in the Avernum RPG series is good too.

  2. Yes, I'm playing Legend of Grimrock (very slowly, off and on) on the PC. I was a huge Dungeon Master fan back in the day and this is giving me a great old-fashioned fix. I share your recommendation!