Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Calling Vintage Cyberstrikers...

I mentioned an early online game called Cyberstrike in a posting back in 2010, and as luck and the Internet will often have it, someone ran across it who's trying to reconnect with that community in 2012.

I wasn't a Cyberstriker myself, but it's interesting to see that the game survived until at least 2004 -- the magazine ad that inspired my post was from the early 1990s, so that's impressive longevity for an online game.  

Anyway, I can't help this person out, but if the handle KillerDoGG rings a bell with you from Cyberstrikes of yore, he invites you to drop him a line at steven_fleshman@ymail.com:

Hi i am trying very hard to contact my old friends from cyberstrike days 1996 till 2004. If you have any old contacts from then till now it would mean a great deal to me. you could sinply drop the name KillerDoGG and my email on your blog and i would be grateful.

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