Thursday, August 2, 2012

The LoadDown: 08/02/2012

August is here... sometimes an even slower month for gaming than July here in the US... and the online pickings are rather sparse this week too:

DSiWare -- One new title for DSi and 3DS: The Lost Town: The Jungle, a rather slow-moving overhead shooter/RPG set in the Amazon jungle where a brave girl must locate a mysterious meteorite.

3DS eShop -- Just one new 3DS game, a bog-conventional if very attractive-looking offering: 3D Solitaire.

XBox Live Arcade -- One new game, called Deadlight, billed as a "sidescrolling survival horror cinematic platformer."  The backgrounds are detailed and quite beautiful, with silhouetted figures in the foreground playing out the action; it looks a bit like Taito's Exit.

PS3 on PSN --  One new title, the movie tie-in The Expendables 2 Video Game, allowing up to four local or online players to tackle situations inspired by the movie.  I actually like this idea for licensed tie-ins -- why rush to put together a mediocre full-priced title when a more immediate, accessible, and brief downloadable game can serve the same audience?

Notable on Steam -- Action/tower defense hybrid sequel Orcs Must Die! 2 arrives on PC, which means it shouldn't be too far off on the consoles.

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