Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Giveaway! Magicka

UPDATE:  We have a winner!  DrPixel is the happy new Magicka player,and his favorite game more than ten years old "is EASILY Half-Life, the original! I've actually been playing it a lot lately and still love it to this day, what a great FPS."  (This is definitely a worthy choice IMO -- Valve's classic game pioneered integrated storytelling in first-person, proving that designers don't have to take control away from the player to tell a compelling story.)  Congratulations, DrPixel!


Okay, last time was fun, so I've got another game to give away via Steam!  (This one's only for the PC, unfortunately; apologies to my Mac-based and console-exclusive readers, as well as anyone still gaming primarily on the Commodore 64, Atari ST, TRS-80 Model I/III, Sinclair Spectrum, PC Engine, et cetera... I recognize that my audience is simultaneously niche-y and all over the technology map, so you'll just have to bear with me.)

Anyway, this time I have a copy of Magicka, Paradox Interactive's multiplayer wizard-based action game.  It has a sense of humor, which works more often than not, and while the action tends to be a bit linear, playing through a few levels with friends and learning the game's extensive spell system is not a bad way to spend some online gaming time.

The game will be delivered via Steam; there is no cost to use the service, but if you have any objections to installing the Steam client and potentially becoming addicted to a rich new vein of games, or you live in a region where Steam is unavailable, this is not the giveaway for you.  This is not a promotion, and it is not sponsored or endorsed by Steam or Paradox Interactive; I'm just using the little bit of ad revenue this blog generates to fund a treat for a lucky reader once in a while.

The first person (who has not already won this year) to see this post, consult the About Me page, find my contact information, and send me an email with the subject "SATURDAY GIVEAWAY" and the content described below gets the game.

* Tell me the name of your favorite video game that's more than ten years old
* Tell me how you want your name announced on the blog, so I can respect your privacy appropriately (nicknames and handles are A-OK)
* Send your email from the address you want the game sent to via Steam

Those are the rules, as simple as I can make 'em.   Good luck!

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