Thursday, March 29, 2012

The LoadDown -- 03/29/2012

Time Marches out, with one last round of downloadable news for this month -- a relatively quiet week.

WiiWare -- Getting a bit quiet on this platform; the only new item this week is a free demo version of 2 Fast 4 Gnomz, a speedy cartoon platformer released about a month ago.

DSiWare -- And as if to emphasize that the 3DS (now officially one year old in the U.S.) is where the contemporary action is, the latest DSiWare game is 90's Pool.  It's a billiards game.

3DS eShop --  One new title this week: ARC STYLE: Soccer 3D, which borrows the Sensible Soccer aesthetic to some degree (at least in the overhead view) but doesn't play nearly as neatly; some may find it a cost-effective alternative to Konami's 3DS soccer cartridge.  There's also a demo version of the retro-styled and well-received platformer, Mutant Mudds.

XBox Live Arcade -- Wrecked Revenge Revisited is the only debut title this week, latest in a long line of car-combat games inspired by Twisted Metal; this one features fairly realistic-looking stock cars, augmented by cartoonish weaponry.

PS3 on PSN -- Just one new game here also.  Closure is an indie platformer with a light-based mechanic -- only platforms that are lit can be touched safely by the player, so manipulation of the lighting is key to success.

PSOne Classics -- Going twice...

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