Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cover to Cover: Infocom 1987 Catalog (pp. 13-14)

Our cover-to-cover pagethrough of Infocom's 1987 product catalog continues, with a couple of trilogy box sets.  These preceded the Lost Treasures collections, and still featured the original packaging with the classic Infocom "feelies" included.

Page 13 begins the series, with the always popular ZORK trilogy:

ZORK will always be the granddaddy of the genre, with a sophisticated parser that made it more playable than the original Crowther/Woods Adventure, while still focused on classically challenging puzzles, sword-and-monster themes, and rich prose.

Page 14 continues the theme with the Enchanter Trilogy:

I've recently been inspired to start replaying these games -- I had almost forgotten they were a ZORK spinoff, set in the same universe and written by original Infocom Implementors Marc Blank and Dave Lebling.  I'm working on Enchanter at the moment -- it feels very Zorkian, but with better storytelling and more interesting magic-based puzzles -- so keep an eye out for that one to show up as an Adventure of the Week sometime soon.

Next time, the box sets continue...

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