Saturday, February 19, 2011

Telltale Games - The Adventures Continue!

The good folks at Telltale Games, who have almost single-handedly revived the adventure genre with a series of successful episodic releases, most recently Back to the Future: The Game, have announced a bunch of new and very interesting licenses.

They'll be doing adventure games based on two very successful graphic novel series -- The Walking Dead, with the full participation of creator Robert Kirkman, and the DC Comics/Vertigo updated-fairy-tale series Fables created by Bill Willingham.

And here's one I didn't expect -- they're doing a new King's Quest game.  I look forward to seeing Roberta Williams' venerable Kingdom of Daventry enlivened by the Telltale approach to story and humor.  (I've recently been playing King's Quest VII, which feels like a Lucasarts game in many respects, so I'm pretty sure it can work.)


  1. Do you read either Walking Dead or Fables? I'm a bigger fan of the latter, but I'm looking forward to the games for each.

  2. I know them only secondhand -- my wife has read several volumes of both series and is a big fan. I'm excited in general about the potential for adapting graphic novels to adventure game format, I think Telltale's Puzzle Agent has demonstrated how that hybridization of styles can work.