Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Elsewhere: Odyssey^2 The Voice TV Commercial

Judging by its rarity today, this ad for Magnavox's The Voice voice synthesizer accessory for the Odyssey^2 didn't do much to convince people it was a must-have.  But the ad is still entertaining, though the character actor playing the Wizard of Odyssey really needs subtitles:

His more garbled phrasings are meant to be, as near as I can make out, ... warning me of the dreaded Dratapillar! and Got you, Dratapillar!  But I think he says both as Dratapilla, urban-style.

I also note that of the four game boxes briefly pictured at the end of the ad, only K.C.'s Krazy Chase is named -- most of the other titles compatible with The Voice were educational titles like Nimble Numbers Ned, not likely to inspire a lot of birthday and Christmas requests.  And while K.C.'s Krazy Chase was probably the best reason to buy The Voice, it was not in fact required, and didn't really add much to the game.

Nor did K.C.'s Krazy Chase add much to Magnavox/Philips' bottom line at this point, as it was being given away free to help move consoles.

Heh-heh-heh.  Incredible!

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