Saturday, November 13, 2010

When Street Fighter Meets Speed Racer!

Once upon a time, Ubisoft released a Mario Kart-style racing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that one-upped (two-upped?) the Nintendo classic by supporting up to 4 players competing simultaneously on a single screen.

The game itself wasn't terrible, but if the game's title, Street Racer, didn't necessarily imply a mashup of Street Fighter II and Speed Racer, the game's logo design certainly did:

Also note that the competitor featured here, Helmut von Pointenegger, borrows a page from Wario's book of taunts: "I'm gonna vin!"

I guess if you can't be Mario Kart, Street Fighter or Speed Racer, you might as well borrow a little from all three and hope you can confuse a few consumers into shelling out for your "original IP."

Go Street Racer! Go!


  1. I think this is more a copy of Power Drift than anything else.

  2. The selectable drivers' personalities are reminiscent of Power Drift, but they're a fairly generic stereotypes-of-all-nations collection. The split-screen multiplayer and power-ups seem more directly inspired by Mario Kart. But it wouldn't be surprising in this case to find all kinds of echoes of better-known games -- it seems to have "borrowed" liberally!