Monday, November 15, 2010

The LoadDown - 11/15/2010

Another week brings another selection of downloadable games for all three current console platforms...

WiiWare -- Two new titles this week.  Derby Dogs lets players participate in the dubious process of raising, training and breeding virtual dogs, then exploiting them on the virtual racetrack.  Triple Running Sports is a track-and-field sports simulation with a more realistic approach. 

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing retro this week.

DSiWare -- Three new games this week.  Go Fetch! casts players as dogs, rounding up thrown objects.  21: Blackjack is a simulation of the popular casino game.  Need for Speed: Nitro-X brings EA's popular arcade-style racing franchise to the DSiWare platform, with licensed high-performance vehicles and drivable police cars.

XBox Live Arcade -- Three games last week:  Faery: Legends of Avalon is an action RPG set in traditional fantasy territory; The Undergarden is a puzzle game with lovely underground graphics; and Guwange brings Cave's 1999 bullet-hell coin-op shooter to XBLA.

Game Room -- 4 middling-but-memorable Atari 2600 games arrived last week, including Golf, Human Cannonball, Miniature Golf and "red box" release Super Football.

PS3 on PSN -- One game last week, Crescent Pale Mist, a 2.5-D side-scrolling shooter from indie studio Rockin' Android.

PSOne on PSN -- Nothing new on this platform last week.

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