Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wii Shop Channel Update 10/20/2009

Nintendo pushed out a Wii Shop Channel update this evening.  I just got the Wii-mail a few minutes ago, so this almost qualifies as actual news!

The only official reason seems to be that users who paid 500 points for the Wii Internet Channel, which was free early on and was recently made free again, can now download one free NES game, an equivalent value.  Not a deal, per se, but a nice thing to do nonetheless.

The Wii firmware remains at the same version, 4.2U.


  1. Hi
    Have you updated your wii with this latest version. Does this in anyway try to get rid of homebrew etc.

  2. I have updated mine, yes. It's a fairly short download, and the 4.2U version number from the 9/29 update hasn't changed. So my guess is that it is only updating the Wii Shop channel itself. (Of course, the process will likely apply the most recent system firmware updates as well. This release is not treated as a channel download, it's handled through the system update process.)

  3. Theres a brand new updat out

  4. I haven't seen any official notice come through from Nintendo on a newer update, at least here in North America -- my system still reports it has the current firmware, from the 10/20/09 update. Maybe it's a phased rollout and I'll see something later.