Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clueless Gaijin Gaming: Capcom World & Hatena no Daibouken

Time once again for me to attempt a round of Japanese import gaming, handicapped by my very limited familiarity with the language.

This time, I made a particularly poor choice, given my linguistic impairment.  I booted up Adventure Quiz: Capcom World & Hatena no Daibouken, a double-feature port of two simple Capcom arcade quiz games to the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM format.  The opening menu allows the player to choose either game:

Both titles are similar -- each features a map-style gameboard for 1-4 contestants, challenging players to answer trivia questions to advance through the worlds of the game.  Each turn starts with a die roll and movement on the colorful game board.

After each move, the player answers quiz questions to score points, earn time bonuses and continue playing.  Some of the questions seem to concern Capcom games and characters, or at least videogames in general -- I saw the letters RPG crop up a few times.  But beyond that rough impression, there's not much to look at here for the clueless gaijin like me -- the screens are dominated by text:

You may correctly conclude that, without a working knowledge of Japanese, it was completely beyond my abilities to understand the questions, let alone answer them correctly.  However, given the pure-chance odds of answering correctly presented three or four choices, and the ability to "buy credits" arcade-style by hitting the RUN button whenever I was in trouble, I was still able to get on the high score board -- go figure!

In the end, despite enjoying some nominal success, I had a hard time extracting any real entertainment from this disc.  Ah, well.  It's a unique Capcom collectible, if nothing else.  And if I ever do get motivated to learn to read Japanese, this game will provide a fine test.  It may even provide a goodly portion of said motivation.

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