Thursday, October 8, 2009

Step One: Admitting A Video or Game Problem

Back in 1982, when videogames were still making their way into pop culture consciousness, somebody thought these novelty t-shirts would be a profitable idea:

The Lutherville, Maryland company that put these out was apparently formed expressly for the purpose -- it's identified as Video-A-Holic/Game-a-Holic Investments.  Said investments presumably consisting of some quantity of white t-shirts, a few "computer" sheets of Letraset, and a silkscreen press.

But there's a difference between admitting you're a video-a-holic, and advertising it.  If videogame addiction really were a disease, complete with withdrawal symptoms and serious health risks, I doubt many would take up the company's offer to "Proclaim your status proudly" as suggested by the ad copy.

And there's no such substance as gameahol.  Or videoahol, for that matter.

Fad marketing FAIL.

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