Sunday, September 27, 2009

WTF, Video Girl? Seriously, WTF?

The editors at Electronic Games magazine found it necessary to censor this January 1984 ad for Video Maniac's line of t-shirts, game gloves and sportswear, starring a vision of loveliness referred to only as "the above Video Girl":

To which the only reasonable response is:  WTF?

Like most censorship, the modification has the unintended effect of making the image much more intriguing, and significantly dirtier than it would otherwise be.  What, we wonder, could possibly be going on behind that big black dot?  What sort of amazing videogame orgasm could Video Girl be experiencing, not even looking at the screen, dressed in her totally eighties wardrobe and official Video Maniac gaming glove, fooling around with an ordinary-looking coin-op joystick?



The situation looks rather dangerous, actually -- the joystick appears to have been ripped from its arcade cabinet moorings and is either sparking dangerously or giving off some kind of weird Xanadu aura.  It's as though a miniature Tesla coil has been delivered by a roller-skating Olivia Newton-John, then wired to Video Girl's most private areas.  Intriguing as a cheap kinky thrill, perhaps, but not enough to merit the risk involved, nor having the hit song "Magic" stuck in one's head again after years of intensive therapy.

And what's going on behind those sexy, languid closed eyelids?  Ecstasy? Contempt?  Boredom?  Cocaine-induced subconjunctival hemorrhaging?

Ah, Video Girl!  Thou art mystery incarnate.

But seriously, WTF?

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  1. What's even funnier is I believe just an issue or two earlier they ran the exact same ad without the censored black-circle. She's just wearing some panties under there, after all. Maybe some parents complained about the original uncensored ad?