Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wico Comes On A Little Strong

Early 1980's videogame ads were often a little on the smarmy side. But Wico seems just a tad forward in this November 1982 magazine ad:

Wico's Command Control joysticks and trackballs really WERE arcade quality -- the company made a lot of the hardware used in actual coin-op cabinets, and their stuff stood up to lots of use and abuse.

But I think proper etiquette suggests that one should be taken home BEFORE anyone's handles and buttons are grabbed and/or fired.

Just sayin'.

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  1. Oh yeah...from what I remember, those Wicos were the supreme-dupreme of home video gaming (namely the Atari 2600). I remember seeing them at Fedco and just drooling over them since they ran about $50-$60 a pop (which was $$$ back in '81). I think only one of my friends was able to get his pop to get him one...naturally his home became the favorite of us gamers to get our game on (my turn my turn my turn!).