Monday, June 29, 2009

The LoadDown - 06/29/2009

Another multi-release week on the Wii Shop Channel.

For DSiWare, Hudson is releasing Sudoku Master, a simple Sudoku game with 150 puzzles. Nothing groundbreaking, but very appropriate to the platform.

For WiiWare, we get Reel Fishing Challenge, yet another fishing game, and Silver Star Reversi, an inexpensive Reversi game, unfortunately with no online play. The deepest and most interesting title this week is Hudson's Water Warfare, a family-friendly 8-player online deathmatch game substituting water-based weapons for the usual FPS arsenal; there's also a player-vs.-bot offline mode for practice. None of these games is more than 800 points, so it appears Nintendo may be experimenting with the price point in these recessionary times.

On the Virtual Console, we get Fantasy Zone II, the little-seen Sega Master System sequel to the classic original. I'm a sucker for the Fantasy Zone series, mostly on account of the music, so I will probably check this one out.

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