Monday, June 22, 2009

The LoadDown - 06/22/2009

Nintendo's Wii and DS Shop channels offer quite a few new releases for U.S. gamers today. I haven't been covering DSiWare, as I don't own a DSi, but as of now I'll start listing titles at least, just in case anyone is foolishly depending on ME for their downloadable gaming news. So this week we're looking at five, count 'em, five new games.

On WiiWare, there's the party brain-training game Drill Sergeant Mindstrong, puzzle game port (from the DS) NEVES Plus, and Family Mini Golf. These all look potentially interesting and seem reasonably priced, but I know very little about them and advance buzz has been minimal. There's no indication of Wii MotionPlus support in the golf game, so it's going to seem dated already, especially because Mini Golf is all about the putting, something MP improves greatly. The upcoming budget retail title Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf is promising MotionPlus support, so it's worth a wait-and-see.

On DSiWare, there's an actual game this week after too many calculators and clock thingamajigs -- it's Art Style: BOXLIFE, a corporate origami puzzle game.

On the Virtual Console, we get a surprise: SimEarth for the Turbografx-CD. I always thought this was a Western title, and that the rights might be hopelessly muddied after the Maxis/EA merger, but it appears HudsonSoft as the publisher was able to work it all out. I have an original copy that I have not yet gotten around to playing, so I'm passing on the VC edition, but if you're into SimCity this follow-up is worth trying.

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