Monday, June 15, 2009

The LoadDown - 06/15/2009

My Wii should be back online this evening if Nintendo's repair tracking system is to be believed. I will be spending whatever time I can spare tonight playing Tiger Woods 10, but when I'm ready for a change of pace there are some interesting new titles on the wire.

I will be unable to resist this week's Virtual Console release -- finally, it's Sega's Space Harrier on the Virtual Console Arcade! I managed to avoid the Genesis pseudo-sequel Space Harrier II and the Master System version of the original, because the scaling hardware that made the arcade game work so well was never emulated very successfully on contemporary consoles. I have enjoyed the GameBoy Advance port on Sega's Arcade Classics release, and the PS2 Sega Ages version is an interesting update. But the original coin-op arcade game is a must-have for me; the music has been stuck in my head for decades, and the game's headlong rush into action has always been a personal pleasure. I got to play the sit-down, motorized edition at Funspot last summer; this won't be quite the same, and at 800 points it's a little pricier than other VC Arcade releases to date, but it's also a few years newer technology-wise than the first round of VCA games. Glad to see another arcade game hitting the Wii Shop Channel.

It's a big week on WiiWare with three releases, although I'm not at present planning to acquire any of them -- Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!, and Let's CATCH. Eduardo has an interesting Flash-cartoonish art style, that's all I know about it. I want to play Bubble Bobble Plus! before I tackle the new version of its series-mate. And Let's CATCH doesn't interest me at the moment.

I'm still working my way through Wolfenstein 3D on XBLA -- just two more episodes to go and I should have all the achievements.

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