Thursday, October 20, 2011

The LoadDown - 10/20/2011

What's new loadin' down...

WiiWare -- One new title this week, called Fish Tank -- and it's actually a match-three puzzle game with an aquatic theme, not just a screensaver as the title implies.  I am disappointed that it does not feature icthyoid heroes tooling around in large military vehicles, but at least it's a game.

Wii Virtual Console --  Another quiet week.  The VC is about as active as that other VC these days.

DSiWare -- One new game, Castle Conqueror - Revolution, an interesting real-time strategy/role-playing game hybrid, set in a mythical kingdom with intense battles and player stats.

3DS eShop -- Besides Castle Conqueror - Revolution, the 3DS gets yet another Game Boy-era black-and-white 2-D 8-bit game... a conversion of Double Dragon, with different level designs from both the arcade original and the NES conversion.

XBox Live Arcade -- Two new games this week: Bejeweled 3, the latest in PopCap Games' enduring casual match-three puzzle series, and Dungeon Defenders, a colorful action RPG that balances direct combat with tower-defense elements.

PS3 on PSN --  A whopping four new games this week:  Dungeon Defenders, as above; Telltale Games' second season of canid/lagomorph crime-fighting adventures, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space; movie-based robot fighting game Real Steel; and Beat Hazard Ultra, a music-driven shoot-'em-up with psychedelic particle visuals Jeff Minter would love.

PSOne Classics -- This platform seems to have revived nicely, with Capcom's classic Street Fighter Alpha 3 hitting the PSN wire this week.

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