Thursday, October 13, 2011

The LoadDown - 10/13/2011

I'll never have the time or budget to do a what's hot/what's not on these each week, but at least I can tell you what's new...

WiiWare -- One new game this week, with the K-Tel-esque title 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix.  It's a collection of minigames, of course, but the 2-D graphics aren't bad.  There's also a free demo version of FAST: Racing League.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing here again this week.  Going once?

DSiWare -- Two new games.  The WiiWare physics-based platformer Furry Legends also comes to the DSi, along with 1001 Blockbusters, a Breakout-style game using the DS stylus for paddle control.

3DS eShop -- In addition to the DSiWare titles, the 3DS gets another old, unenhanced Game Boy title -- it's Nintendo's own Catrap, a 100-level maze/puzzle game with a handy rewind feature.

XBox Live Arcade -- Two new titles on the wire.  Real Steel is a mech fighting game based on the new Hugh Jackman movie, which was filmed in my part of the world and features a number of my theatrically-inclined friends as extras.  Guardian Heroes is a scrolling beat-'em-up that made quite a splash on the Sega Saturn in the mid-90s, developed by the magicians at Treasure and now ported to XBLA, in widescreen with a choice of original or "remixed" (filtered) HD graphics.

PS3 on PSN -- Just one new game this week -- Sideway: New York, an extremely stylish platformer set in the gritty world of New York... art!

PSOne Classics -- I've got to find a more consistent source for this information.  I didn't think anything came out last week, but it appears that Square-Enix's Super NES classic RPG Chrono Trigger has made it to yet another platform as of last week.  And this week sees the considerably less exciting easily avoidable XS Junior League Football.

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