Monday, March 28, 2011

The LoadDown - 03/28/2011

In like a lion, out like a... well, here in Michigan, it's still a mighty chilly lamb.  But at least we can stay inside and play the latest downloadable games!

WiiWare -- No new titles this week, just two free demos for the motion-controlled Dart Rage and the early-learning title, Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing here this week.  With the 3DS debuting, Nintendo's probably hoping we'll all buy the latest reworking of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, now in true 3-D.  And we probably will.

DSiWare -- Two new titles this week.  Simply Solitaire is the umpteenth such title on DSiWare, or if it isn't one assumes that it is anyway.  Faceez: Monsters! allows users to take photos of friends and family with the DSi's camera, then dress them up with scary/funny monster accessories.  It's rated E for Everyone with intriguing citations of "Mild Blood" and "Alcohol Reference" -- can you dress Uncle Carl up to look like he's been in a bar fight?

XBox Live Arcade -- Two new titles last week.  Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is a mini-sequel to the most recent Ghostbusters game, with 4-player co-op, albeit without the participation of the movies' cast; our favorite 'busters are replaced with generic equivalents.  Swarm is an action/platformer with some interesting artificial-intelligence group dynamics.

PS3 on PSN -- Four titles this week.  Swarm and Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime (see above) also arrive on the PS3.  The movie tie-in first-person shooter Battle: Los Angeles is now available.  And the venerable Amiga-era UK football (soccer) management simulation Premier Manager arrives in a new PS3 edition.

PSOne Classics -- Sigh.  I really need to learn not to be disappointed when these promising retro platforms lie dormant for long periods of time.

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