Monday, December 20, 2010

The LoadDown - 12/20/2010

Almost the last chance for publishers to get a few downloadable games out in time for the holidays...

WiiWare -- Two titles this week.  The stylish, slyly satirical Frobot pits an Afro-sporting robot against The Man in a sci-fi 70's universe, with a bonus "multiplaya" arena mode; a free demo is available so you can sample the funk.  Inkub is a tower defense game where the player must protect incubating organisms against an invasion of hostile microorganisms.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nice to see this platform getting some love again lately, and this week a Nintendo 64 classic arrives for holiday family fun -- Mario Party 2!

DSiWare -- Four new titles arrive.  Digital Leisure brings the least well-known of the Don Bluth/Rick Dyer laserdisc games to the DSi with Dragon's Lair II: Time WarpCosmo Fighters is a one-on-one or tag-team fighting game, with online play and free temporary sharing so only one player needs to own the game.  Paul's Monster Adventure has an interesting concept -- the player must help restore boss monsters' health and fend off well-meaning would-be heroes to restore balance to the land.  Just SING! Christmas Vol. 2 puts more holiday karaoke on the DSi.

XBox Live Arcade -- Three varied games last week.  Konami's coin-op X-Men game arrives, with all the licensing snags worked out to bring this scrolling Marvel beat-'em-up home.  id Software brings Quake Arena Arcade to XBLA for classic multiplayer action.  And Microsoft brings a classic Eastern strategy game to market with The Path of Go.

Game Room -- Four new games debuted recently.  Coin-op arcade games include Atari's Food Fight, a personal favorite of mine, and Konami's M.I.A.  Intellivision fans get late INTV Corp. release Spiker! Volleyball, and Atari also releases the 2600 version of Warlords.

PS3 on PSN -- Two new games last week.  Marvel Pinball is a pinball game featuring Stan Lee's classic comic book characters.  Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves is a LittleBigPlanet spinoff platformer that supports the Playstation Move controller and EyeToy camera in conjunction with the control pad, requiring at least two players.

PSOne Classics on PSN -- Silent night.  Wholly night.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the new year!

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  1. What? Dragon's Lair II comes to DSi before iPhone? @$%&*!! (Sorry but I still have just the plain DS and I needed to vent.)