Monday, December 6, 2010

The LoadDown - 12/06/2010

A new week, a new lineup of recent digital download releases for all the major platforms:

WiiWare -- Three new titles this week.  Nintendo's Fluidity is a tilt-controlled puzzle game based around water/ice/steam physics.  Racers' Islands - Crazy Arenas is a vehicle/shooting minigame contest -- drive with one hand, aim with the other.  Fireplacing is a virtual fireplace.

Wii Virtual Console -- Capcom breathes some new life into the Virtual Console Arcade platform, with two of its 1980s coin-op classics.  Wolf of the Battlefield: COMMANDO, a.k.a. Commando, sends a lone soldier to battle enemy fortresses.  SonSon is a platformer/shooter based on the Japanese legend of the Monkey King.

DSiWare -- Three titles this week.  Dairojo! Samurai Defenders is a tower-defense game with a historical Asia theme.  Space Ace is the classic Don Bluth/Rick Dyer laserdisc arcade game.  Rytmik Rock Edition is a music composition tool.

XBox Live Arcade -- Just one game this week, Unbound Saga, which is an XBox 360 port of a comic book-inspired beat-'em-up previously released for Sony's PSP handheld.

Game Room -- Three new games last week.  Atari's rareish late release Off the Wall is a Breakout variant that might work better on the XBox 360 than the original game does, as it was designed for use with a joystick rather than a paddle controller.  And Konami brings us two of their better-known arcade games, though the home versions may be more familiar than the coin-ops: early-80s maze/territory claiming classic Amidar, and cute-'em-up TwinBee.

PS3 on PSN -- Two games last week.  Dead Nation is a Robotron-style shoot-'em-up featuring zombie hordes and upgradable weapons.  Funky Lab Rat is an action platform/puzzle game that works with the regular PS3 controller or the Move.

PSOne on PSN -- All's quiet on the Western PSOne front.  But Europe and Japan are still seeing new releases, so here's hoping this is a temporary state of affairs.

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