Monday, July 26, 2010

Gaming After 40 - Adventure Games Index

Since embarking upon the Great Scott Project and the subsequent Adventure of the Week series nearly a year ago, I've noticed that many visitors are searching the Gaming After 40 archives for articles on specific adventure games.  I'm also finding it more difficult to keep track of where I am with the multitudinous series and games on my mental to-play list.  The existing "adventure games" label link kind of works, but it lists everything in reverse chronological order and includes the full body of every post, and it seems a more concise reference is needed.

So to help everyone out, I've added a new Adventure Games Index page as a tab at the top of the blog.  I'll be cleaning it up and reorganizing it as time permits -- the Miscellaneous table in particular is overflowing at the moment, and should be organized by platform if nothing else -- but it's a start at least.

And let me also take a moment to thank all the readers and friends who frequent Gaming After 40.  You  keep me going.

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