Sunday, October 17, 2010


Once again, a videogame ad suggests that dire consequences await all who actually purchase and play the product.  In this case, it's not even about the incredible challenge or intense action -- according to the ad copy, this is just someone who has played and finished the game:

The successful player looks a bit like MST3K's Mike Nelson, and he appears to be pressed under cool 90's glass.  But the message is not that the game is so challenging that he's been driven insane; the symptoms are, apparently, natural side effects of dealing with Mansion of Hidden Souls and its... scary atmosphere?  Horrific cutscenes?  Irritating controls?  Slow loading times?

There must be tens, even dozens, of people out there with this affliction, thanks to Vic Tokai's irresponsible release decision.  At least we and the World Health Organization can take some comfort in the fact that, thank goodness, this title only came out for the Sega CD.

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