Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Commercial Message: Coming Soon - A Review! Of Something!

It seems I've developed enough of a circulation that advertisers are interested in promoting their sundry wares to my readers.  I keep telling them that all y'all are interested in are video and computer games, but they keep coming back.  I presume this is because my readers meet certain demographic qualifications -- mature (by numeric definitions, at least), relatively settled, probably with a house, and very possibly working in an industry that affords them a modicum of disposable income.  And so it develops that CSN Stores wants me to tell you that they operate over 200 online stores, and specifically that if you're in the market for a dining room table, you can find a wide range to choose from at the link.

In exchange for the dissemination of this commercial message, the good folks at CSN Stores are willing to ship me some merchandise from one of their myriad online stores, so that I can write a review.  I'm considering some sort of media storage unit, because keeping old video and computer games (and their varying box sizes) organized becomes a challenge over time.  Perhaps we'll take a look at something along these lines:

So there will be some actual new ad-supported content in the near future, though all I can give you right now is the ad above and the vague suggestion of something interesting in the offing.  I hope that seems like a fair trade.

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