Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spottiness Ahead!

FYI, my postings here are going to be less frequent for the next several months.  I've taken on a couple of theatre projects that are going to eat up more than my available free time, and it's a busy time of year on top of that.  But rest assured I will be back, I have some games in the pipeline that I haven't written up yet and several more I am eager to tackle.  Thank you for your patience.


  1. Hi, is everything going okay? I always liked your posts :-)

    1. Thanks for checking in, danowar -- all is well, I have just been very busy in the past several months. I haven't done any acting professionally in quite a while and I ended up booking a couple of back-to-back shows. So something in my schedule had to give for a bit. Don't worry, I'll be back!

  2. Just discovered your blog while "googling" for Batman PCE.

  3. Enjoy your acting but I really do miss your posts. I am a adventurer of nearly forty years and thought your sight was the best on the net of its type.

  4. Well, you said spottiness and you seem to have certainly meant it! I do hope you return eventually.

  5. It is appreciated that you are busy and pursuing your wishes and dreams but your absence has left us a little less bright out here in adventureland. You are sorely missed and appreciated even more now that you are away. One of the best websites on the net. Hurry back as you are sorely missed!