Tuesday, February 17, 2015

(This post intentionally left blank)

No Adventure of this Week... I have been swamped with other projects and out of town, and hope to resume my normal posting schedule next week.

But I'll take a moment to briefly celebrate the recent resurgence in point-and-click adventure gaming... not only have we received an update of Tim Schaefer's brilliant Grim Fandango, and a more substantial remake of Jane Jensen's Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, but Square-Enix is trying its hand at Telltale Games' episodic approach to storytelling with the interesting Life Is Strange.  Dave Gilbert has completed his Blackwell series, and the second act of Schaefer's Broken Age is also due soon.  It will be a while before I write about any of these -- if I'm going to tackle anything less than five years old, it will be Scott Adams' The Inheritance -- but it's a fine time to be an adventure gamer!

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