Thursday, May 10, 2012

The LoadDown - 05/10/2012

We're getting into the summer season, when traditional retail video game releases tend to slow down.  But there are still a few interesting new titles available online...

WiiWare --  Nothing new here.  Wii U coming soon?

Wii Virtual Console -- Apparently back from the dead, the Virtual Console sees two new/old Mega Drive releases on the platform, courtesy of Sega.  Wonder Boy in Monster Land is the Mega Drive version of a game also known as Dragon's Curse on the TurboGrafx-16, which is already available on the VC.   But Monster World IV is much more exciting -- it's the final game in the Wonder Boy series and has never been released outside of Japan; the new English translation will be appreciated by many.

DSiWare --  Two new releases here for the DSi and 3DS.  Sudoku by Nikoli is for those who have exhausted all the other Sudoku options available on Nintendo's handhelds; Nikoli reportedly did much to popularize Sudoku in its early days, but given the nature of these numeric puzzles it may be hard to distinguish one designer's style from another.  There's also a sequel, the unfortunately-titled Paul's Shooting Adventure 2, an inexpensive side-scrolling shooter with fun, silly enemy designs.

3DS eShop -- Nothing 3DS-specific this week; the DSi and DSi XL have price cuts coming up on May 20th so perhaps Nintendo wants to focus on delivering some value on the older hardware.

XBox Live Arcade -- A hugely successful indie game makes its way onto Microsoft's console with Minecraft: XBox 360 Edition, letting a whole new audience build and explore blocky but fascinating new worlds.

PS3 on PSN -- One new title this week: Datura, a point-and-click first-person adventure with some beautiful imagery and Move support for (in theory) better immersion.

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