Thursday, April 12, 2012

The LoadDown -- 04/12/2012

As tax deadlines approach, there are all kinds of distractions available...

WiiWare -- Nothing new here this week; it seems this platform is slowing down as the Wii U prepares to launch later this year.

DSiWare -- One new title this week -- Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection, a casual craft/activity which allows users to create dolls, design outfits, and export the resulting images to the SD card.

3DS eShop --  This week's new game Ketzal's Corridors is an interesting puzzle-action idea that takes some advantage of the system's 3D capabilities, as players try to rotate Tetris-like pieces to fit into approaching holes in the wall.

XBox Live Arcade -- Three new titles arrive this week, plus one I missed last week.  Capcom's World Gone Sour is an advergame platformer, based on the Sour Patch Kids candy brand.  The Splatters is an action/puzzle game with great comic potential, as gooey acrobatic creatures strive to create spectacular and messy effects.  Skullgirls is a stylish indie 2-D fighting game with T-rated cartoon partial nudity and violence.  And late last week, Anomaly: Warzone Earth arrived, a sort of reverse tower-defense game where the player's military units must invade well-defended territory to find out what's going on.

PS3 on PSN -- Very similar to recent XBLA lineups, with three new games including World Gone Sour, Skullgirls and Farsight Studios' The Pinball Arcade compilation of classic pinball coin-ops arriving in the past week.  Good to see more games hitting both platforms around the same time.

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